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Tzedakah, a Hebrew word meaning “righteousness” is more commonly used to signify charitable giving. In the Jewish religion, Tzedakah is a moral and ethical obligation. When we give charity, the donor is meant to benefit as much from the act of giving as the recipient is from receiving.

Tzedakah comes in many forms. Giving monetary donations, supporting a charitable organization, volunteering within the community and Legacy gifts are some of the ways we can perform the act of charitable giving.

The importance of Tzedakah goes way beyond financial transactions. Tzedakah helps build relationships, plan for the future, lifts the spirit of both the donor and the recipient

So much more than a financial transaction, giving also includes contributions of time and effort and helps build trusting relationships.

At SZBE there are countless ways in which you can give tzedakah. There are Chesed projects, Life & Legacy gifting, our upcoming Centennial celebration in 2025, Kol Nidre support on Yom Kippur, daily and weekly sponsorships and much more.

Mon, 17 June 2024 11 Sivan 5784