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What is a niggun (nee-goon)?

A niggun is a wordless melody often with repetitive sounds such as "Bim-Bim-Bam", "Lai-Lai-Lai", "Yai-Yai-Yai" or "Ai-Ai-Ai" instead of formal lyrics. This form of religious, vocal music can be simple or complex, slow and meditative, or fast and jubilant, sung over and over again. Niggunim (plural) are Chassidic traditions. They are meant to be mystical prayers used as a path to deepen the soul, expand the spirit, and embrace God. 

We invite you to delve into the mystical with some Niggunim from Cantor Adam Stotland:

CLICK HERE for the full playlist.

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Mon, 17 January 2022 15 Shevat 5782