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Updated Security Protocols

We wanted to take a moment to update you on some important security measures that have been restored, and new ones that have been put in place in light of the situation in Israel.

As you are aware, recent events in the region have raised concerns regarding the safety of our community. Your safety and well-being are ALWAYS of utmost importance to us, but we have been working diligently in the last few days to enhance security measures within our congregation.

Increased Security Personnel: We have increased the presence of trained security personnel during our gatherings and events. They are here to ensure that our members can attend SZBE in a safe and secure environment.

Enhanced Access Control: We have implemented stricter access control measures to our facilities. The outside doors will be locked at all times. Anyone wishing to come to the building must call and make an appointment and will be given further instructions. In addition, we are working on a new protocol for suppliers making deliveries to the shul. The only access point to members and visitors/vendors alike will be via the side door/checking in with the office and stating their business.

Maintaining Lock-Down System: Our current lock-down system is operational and guards and volunteers will have communication network in place to handle a lock-down situation if necessary.

Community Security Network (CSN): We are working to organizing volunteers from our membership to be part of a security network who will be the eyes and ears with our security guards to keep our building safe. If you wish to take part in this important network, please contact Peter Yaffe (514) 808-3612 or

Communication Channels: If there are any urgent updates or security concerns, we will promptly inform you through email, our official channel of communication. We urge you to read through the SZBE emails so you remain aware and informed of any changes that may occur in security, protocols for building access or other.

Collaboration with Local Authorities: We maintain close communication with our Israeli security team at Federation CJA, and they are actively supporting us in ensuring the safety of our congregation members.

We understand that these measures may cause some inconvenience, but your safety is our top priority. We kindly request your understanding and cooperation as we implement these measures.

Additionally, we encourage all members to stay informed about the current situation in Israel through reliable news sources and to follow any travel advisories or security alerts that may be issued.

If you have any questions or concerns about the security measures, please do not hesitate to contact the office. We are here to address your questions and provide any necessary assistance.

Please keep our congregation, our community, and all those affected by the situation in Israel in your thoughts and prayers. Let us come together in solidarity and support for one another during these challenging times.


Gilla Geiger, President

Mon, 17 June 2024 11 Sivan 5784