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A Big Thank You to our Daily & Shabbat Sponsors 

Gilla Geiger & Kenny Grover in appreciation

Elinor and Sidney Kaushansky in honour of the Chanukah Holiday

Beatrice and Abe Cohen in honour of their 67th wedding anniversary

Susan and Brian Kasner in honour of Max Kasner reading his Bar Mitzvah Torah portion

Jessica, Eric and Gaby Choueke in memory of their father David Choueke

Sergio Moskovitz in memory of his father Benno Moskovitz and his grandfather Naftali Yosef Moskovitz

Rhona and Irwin Kramer in memory of her brother David Yanofsky

Susan Berger in memory of her husband Harold Berger

Bernice and Norman Levi in honour of Bernice's birthday

The daily minyannaires in honour of Lou Schiff chanting his Bar Mitzvah Haftorah

Mina and Mark Richman in memory of his father Joseph Richman

Elaine Levi and Stephen Rapps in memory of their mother Phyllis Rapps

Kathryn and Harold Stotland in memory of her parents Helen and Douglas Melanson

Habtnesh Asefa in memory of her mother Tiru Aron Melku

Harvey Toulch in memory of his father Israel Toulch

Aaron Schecter in memory of his mother Florence Schechter

Maxine and Marcelo Bercovici in honour of her father Lawrence Moldowan

Zipora Gisser in memory of her husband Cantor Hyman Gisser

Jillian Singer and Adam Hennick in honour of their wedding Aufruf

Marni Goldberg and Richard Zeidel in honour of the Bar Mitzvah of their son JJ Zeidel

Hester and Simon Witenoff in memory of her father Sam Lieberman

Lynn and Morrie Weinberg in memory of his father David Weinberg

Claire Dalfen in memory of her husband Ben Zion (Bunny) Dalfen

Emmie Shapiro and Nick Germano in honour of the Bar Mitzvah of their son Gabriel Germano

Riva and Andrew Toeman in memory of his mother Anne Toeman and her mother Brenda Gertel

Sylvie and Julius Spivack in honour of the wedding Aufruf of their daughter Laura Pearl Spivack and Sam Abrams

Rebecca and Howard Klein in honour of the Bar Mitzvah of their son Noah Klein

Selma Almaleh in memory of her son Izak Almaleh

Elliot Coltin in memory of his mother Sadie Coltin

Melanie Atcovitch & Peter George in honour of the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Jude George

Help us Help You

The SZBE clergy and staff are hard at work to  offer all our members weekday and Shabbat services, programs such as movie nights, guest speakers and virtual cocktail evenings as well as musical nights with our cantor to keep everyone entertained. There is nothing more important than feeling a sense of community and staying together in time of separation

We invite you to sponsor a minyan, a program or simply make a donation to help SZBE continue to help you.

If you would like to be a SZBE sponsor, please call Rosanne at 514-481-7727 ext 225 or

Thu, 8 December 2022 14 Kislev 5783